4 Weird Time Saving Habits

4 Weird Time Saving Habits

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I read this on INC.com and had to share!

You can find the article here.

1. Go to the bathroom between meetings.

Nobody disturbs you in the loo, and nobody ever questions why you’re going in the first place, so go as many times as you like (or need).

2. Bunch email replies together.

A little while ago, in this very publication, I read about how Tony Hsieh of Zappos manages his emails. He puts emails he needs to reply to into a “yesterbox” and answers them all at once the next morning, so that by noon, he noted, he’s pretty much finished and able to focus on the rest of the day’s work. I stole his method and modified it a little–I put a star next to all my non-urgent emails, and at the end of the day, I reply to them in one fell swoop. That way, I know I haven’t missed anything and at the same time I can devote 100 percent focus on each correspondence rather than try to multitask my way around all of them.

3. Use the car as your closet or office.

Bob Greifeld, the CEO of Nasdaq, is up at the crack of dawn every day for his commute into the city. Like many of us, he tries to fit in a workout at the gym and says one of the ways he shaves a little time out of his morning is to change in the car. God bless tinted windows.


4. Keep the “RTI” in mind.

“RTI”: return on time invested. If you feel like the return is worth less than the time you put into an activity or event, don’t do it. I’ve heard of CEOs who don’t watch sports or others who never go to parties because they find the RTI to be too low–or in other words, time wasters. So be picky about where you spend your time and look for those things with a high RTI.

How do you save time?

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin