5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

Bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital is no walk in the park.  It’s hard, very hard.  While your overjoyed with your new addition, juggling life with a newborn has its challenges. They say the first 3-4 months are the hardest.  Mark and I are going into month 2 and here’s what we have learned. 

1. Breast feeding is hard: 

They say just make it past the first few weeks (2-6 weeks) and then breast feeding will be a breeze. We have yet to get a handle on straight breast feeding lol. Mark and I had a preemie so trying to breast feed her is 10x harder than a baby at normal size.  My little 4 lb baby girl couldn’t latch right away and we have constantly worked on it and she still has a hard time.  She has gotten better, but she exhausts herself trying to latch. And while we are on that note.. OUCH! breast feeding hurts like $%^&.  I pump every single day, multiple times a day. 

2. Ask for help:  

I can’t stress this enough! Getting up with a newborn several times a day and night is exhausting!  You don’t get a break because babies need so much attention.  My mom comes to Austin on the weekends to help us out and it REALLY goes a long way.  When she is here Mark and I can go in our room and get a good nights rest while she stays in the other room with our little pumpkin.  It’s so nice to have help and someone you can trust. 

3. Let your husband know how he can help:

Women are Mama bears.  It’s in our nature. Most men tend to back up and let the woman take charge when newborns come home from the hospital.  Since I wasn’t able to breast feed right away and Avery went into the NICU within a second of her being born it was very easy for Mark and I to adjust to bottle feeding her and taking turns.  Now that she is home from the hospital Mark has been a huge help.  We are up every 2-3 hours feeding her and since I have to pump every 2-3 hrs, Mark takes the feeds so I’m not up ALL night.  He helps me prep bottles, put milk in the freezer, clean bottles, do the laundry, change her diaper, etc.. There are plenty of ways your hubby can help, just let him know. 

4. Take Pictures:

Take as many pictures as you can.  Your daughter or son will never be this tiny again. EVER. Take pictures, you’ll want the memories.

5. Look Ahead:

At the end of the day YOU know what is best for YOUR child. Everything is going to be ok.  Your baby will let you know when he or she is hungry, wet, poopy, tired, etc.  Haha, when we first brought Avery home from the hospital I literally took her temp every single day, several times a day and I started to stress when it would dip or go to high.  Just listen to your gut and your baby, you’ll be ok. 

Xx, Kelly 

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Written by Kelly Wonderlin