5 Tips For Getting More Done… Every.Day

5 Tips For Getting More Done… Every.Day

What I wouldn’t give to have another me….

I feel like I’m running a circus in my house most days, but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing! I have a wonderful husband, 2 great kids and worlds best dog!

The list of things I want and need to accomplish in a day is much longer then most would think.  Learning to balance a business, your marriage, your newborn, your dog and an almost 6 year old can get hectic. 

Here are 5 tips for getting more done on the daily:

1. Make a list
Think about what you REALLY want to get done that day and write it down

2. Ask for help
It wasn’t until last week that I finally asked Chase to start feed the dog in the morning and at evening… He’s almost 6! What the heck was I thinking not letting him help 2 years ago lol.  He does great! He knows where her food is stored and he knows what bowl it goes into.  Easy Peezy! And poof — you just had help and crossed yet another thing off your long list of stuff to get done.

3. Wake up early
Now… Having a newborn this makes my stomach turn lol. There are nights where I don’t go to bed till 3:30 am. and her next feeding is at 5 am. However, there are days where she goes down at 9 pm and doesn’t wake until 5 or 6 am… Ahhhh… Sleep….

4. Multi-task 
There are times where I’m loading the washer and closing a deal on the phone.  There are times where I’m brushing my teeth and applying my makeup.  Learning to group a few things together can really go a long way.

5. Take a break
This is incredibly hard for me.  I hate having to ask my husband to help me out with stuff because he already is such a great husband and goes above and beyond for me and the kids, but sometimes… only sometimes… I just can’t do it all.  I need a break from everything for just a moment and he steps right in and gives the helping hand I need. 

I hope you enjoy and use some of these tips!

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin