5 Tips To Help A Fussy Baby

5 Tips To Help A Fussy Baby

It’s SO hard being a new mom.  You are up all the time feeding, cleaning, doing laundry, changing diapers, etc. Whoever came up with the term, “sleep like a baby” clearly never had a newborn.  

While I think my daughter is PERFECT 😉 she can be a tad fussy sometimes.  She just moved over to formula and breast milk mixed together (because I am running low on breast milk) so I have noticed an increase in her fussiness. 

Here are 5 tips to help a fussy baby:

1) Try a new bottle

2) Feed your baby upright and don’t lay them down for 20 minutes after the feeding

3) Rub their tummy gently 

4) Give them a pacifier 

5) Hold them facing down so your hand is on their belly and they are looking at the ground

I hope these few tips help your tiny tiny.

Xx, Kelly 

Written by Kelly Wonderlin