7 Apps For Tracking Everything In Your Life

7 Apps For Tracking Everything In Your Life

There are SO many apps out there that track calories and weight loss so today I am directing you to a few other apps that help you track things in your life.  I hope you enjoy this list and I hope you download some of these apps!

I have an Apple phone so theses apps are based on that.


Baby Connect: Keep a journal of every nap, dirty diaper and bottle.  Keep your tiny one on a nice, consistent schedule!

Price: $4.99

Life360: Use the GPS in your phone to track your family’s whereabouts. This app is AWESOME and works great!

Time Hop: This app is designed to remind you of memorable moments in your life. It can track, 1 2, 5 even 30 years back.

Pet Phone: Here you can keep track of your pets health and vet appointments!

Price: $2.99


Foursquare: Check in at your location and see where your friends are!

TripIt: Get organized for all your upcoming trips.  Simply forward your travel confirmations to plans@tripit.com and TripIt automatically creates a detailed itinerary for you.


Mint: Get a hold of your finances asap with Mint.  Figure out where you are spending your hard earned dollars.

I hope you enjoyed this list!  Your phones are filled with awesome apps to download!

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin