7 Ways To Have A More Organized Life

7 Ways To Have A More Organized Life

Being unorganized is THE WORST!  You are either always looking for something, or always losing something.  I have a zero clutter policy in my house and it goes hand in hand with my number 1 bullet point in organizing life. The list below is a start of how I keep my wonderful Wonderlin life in tip-top shape!  Number 6 is super silly, but I am telling you…. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made 😉 If my husband is reading this is is laughing out loud.


1. Throw out anything you don’t need anymore

2. Print out a calendar

3. Put dividers in your drawers (IKEA BABY)

4. Color code your keys

5. Clean out your closet once every 3 months

6. A toilet paper holder for your bathrooms 🙂

(My husband almost killed me when I bought these because they were $25 each but I hate having toilet paper just sitting on the floor or taking up cabinet space).

7. Organize items by color or category  (your closet for example, put all the pinks together, etc)

Watch your life transform dramatically with just these few easy steps!

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin