Kelly Wonderlin is a speaker, influencer, published author, video marketer and CEO of KWonderlin LLC.  A blog and weekly YouTube series showcasing technology and how it can work for you. Her creative, succinct video content captivates viewers’ interest leaving them wanting more and landing her features with FOX News, Huffington Post and KABB FOX 29 in San Antonio. As a digital correspondent/influencer, Kelly has represented brands at events like SXSW and CES. She has worked with highly recognized brands such as Cadillac, GoPro, MasterCard and more.

Kelly co-owns Horns Illustrated, the sports magazine covering The University of Texas. Kelly optimizes her expertise by creating custom action plans that help entrepreneurs and business owners build their community (and their bank accounts).

Kelly resides in Austin, Texas where she grew up.

For those of you interested in everything that’s happening in technology, social media and business, you can connect with Kelly on YouTube  and Twitter!

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