An Interview With Jillian Darlington, Founder Of The MomCo App

An Interview With Jillian Darlington, Founder Of The MomCo App

Jillian Darlington is a mom before anything else. Everything she has done in her business career has been to support the life she wanted most; That life was a stay at home mom. Jillian got divorced when her son was only 2 years old. She didn’t have any family to help her, and her sons father helping out was not an option either. Jillian knew she had to make an income for herself and support her son, so her creative mind starting working. 

“I loved taking my son to indoor playgrounds so I thought I would open one. The deal fell through but a week later I found out that my favorite indoor playground was for sale. I got a loan and bought it the same week. I owned to for 3 years and then sold it for more than double what I bought it for.” 

Jillian’s drive and determination has gotten her where she is today.  With the money she made off her indoor playground Jillian was able to create and build The MomCo App. 

I came up with the idea for the MomCo App exactly one year ago. We tested out a version of it in San Diego over the summer and we are so excited to say it will be available to download for Android by January 23rd and January 30th for the iPhone. Inspired by my own life experiences as a mom and a small business owner that caters to women and children, this is an app I wish had existed for myself. It makes connecting with other moms in your community effortless. You can see who is close to you, has similar aged children and common interest. You can share and get support in the forum section.” 

The MomCo App will constantly be adding features like “favorites” and “group” so make sure to update the MomCo App when an update becomes available. Moms can also save money through deals that local businesses can run through the app. The MomCo App will be having launch parties in Austin starting in February but in the mean time, you can download the MomCo App and invite your mom friends to join you as soon at it is available. 

If you are a business owner that caters to women and children, you can list yourself where moms can easily find your information. You can also engage with all the moms in your area by running deals and announcing events. 

“Whether you are looking to make new friends, have a new outlet to share and get support on, or just save money through the deals section. I truly believe the MomCo App will make every moms life easier. The best way to stay current with MomCo is through our website, Facebook page /momcoapp and on Twitter @MomCoApp. You can also connect with us on Instagram @MomCo_App.”

Jillian is an excellent example of a women who leads!  I am honored to call her my friend and look forward to downloading her App and spreading the word throughout Austin!

Be sure to connect with them on all of their social media outlets!


Xx, Kelly

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Written by Kelly Wonderlin