Baby Wonderlin Has Arrived!!

Baby Wonderlin Has Arrived!!

Mark and I are so excited to announce that our little girl has arrived! 

Baby Wonderlin, AKA, Avery Julie Devin Wonderlin was born well before her due date, arriving on 09.09.14 at 5:05 PM.  Mark and I went to our high-risk doctor for our bi-weekly check up (like we did every week since week 30) and found out that we had to go upstairs for an emergency c-section.  My placenta ripped away from Avery and she wasn’t getting anymore nutrition. Talk about being stressed and in shock!! 

Mark and I stayed very calm though (I do have to give ourselves credit) and we made arrangements for Chase and Addie to be taken care of. 

Avery arrived at 35 weeks making her a preemie baby.  She immediately went into the NICU and has remained there since her birth.  The sad news is not being able to hold her all the time and of course take her home 🙁 but the good news is we can touch her at certain times of the day and we do get to hold her and take her out of the incubator.  

I can’t imagine the pain that some of the other parents in the NICU feel when they are told they can not touch their baby.

Mark and I didn’t want to post photos of Avery with tubes in her but after talking to the doctors and hearing them say she won’t come home for weeks… we decided we would go ahead and share her with the world.  

She is SO beautiful!! She is the perfect mix of her mommy and daddy.  She is tan and has the thickest dark black hair, just like I KNEW she would 🙂  (that is all daddy)  and she has a cute little nose and thick lips (like mommy).  We are unsure of what her eye color will be, but we are hoping they either stay gray/blue or turn dark green like mommy’s.

Here is our little miracle baby! She definitely wanted the world to know her RIGHT now!  She has beaten so many odds that were against her, making her that much more special to Mark and I. 

Xx, Kelly

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Written by Kelly Wonderlin