Back To School — Here are 5 MUSTS !

Back To School — Here are 5 MUSTS !

Back to school is quickly approaching and I CAN NOT believe our little one will be in Kindergarten!  #WhereDidTheTimeGo ?!?

My husband and I got prepared for this a few months ago, however we found ourselves out shopping again this past weekend.  We bought Chase brand new clothes, a brand new backpack, a brand new lunch box, ect.  We don’t think he is quite as excited as we are about him attending a brand new school and all the fun we know he will have, but the shopping experience has been a blast!  

Pretty much every family in the world takes pictures on the first day of school, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Fashion Show:
Of course buying new clothes means a fashion show is to follow.  And who doesn’t love a fashion show?  

Lunch Box Surprises: 
This is by far one of my favorite things to do.  I love cooking and Chase always loves helping me in the kitchen so it’s been fun practicing all the little surprises and treats I will be sneaking in his lunch box for him to find. 

After-School Treats:
Coming home from school and talking about your little ones day is a must!  We plan on greeting Chase with something fun for when he gets home. 

New Year, New Room Decor: 
I love our sons creativity.  We pretty much give him free range to do what he wants to his room as far as decor goes.  A new school year, means new decor.  Painting is done, pictures are hung and Angry Birds are everywhere!!  

I hope your little ones have an amazing back to school experience!  I know Chase will.

Xx, Kelly


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Written by Kelly Wonderlin