Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Banking

What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood comes from a newborn’s umbilical cord and is collected immediately after birth. Once the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, the remaining blood in the umbilical cord is drawn into a collection bag.

We used CBR

About CBR:
CBR is dedicated to advancing the clinical application of newborn stem cells by partnering with leading research institutions to establish FDA-regulated clinical trials, requiring CBR processed cord blood, for conditions that have no cure today. This is only made possible by CBR’s relentless pursuit of product quality. That’s why more families choose CBR. We have stored over 500,000 cord blood and cord tissue stem cell units and are the #1 recommended cord blood company by OB/GYNs and expecting parents. 

As you know Mark and I had an extremely difficult pregnancy, as I had Hyperemesis the entire time and then Avery ripped away from the placenta resulting in her early birth at only 35 weeks. We were informed about Cord Blood banking early on in our pregnancy and thought long and hard about it.  While some people may see this as a very expensive “life insurance” policy it’s one Mark and I felt very strongly about.  I pray Avery never needs to use it, but Mark and I are SO glad we did it.

Customer Service:

CBR may have the best customer service we have EVER experienced.  They answered all of our questions and even gave us more information than we could of imagined.  Via email, Twitter or phone, CBR reps were ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns we had.  When we were notified of Avery’s early birth plan we called CBR and they had a carrier ready to go to come collect Avery’s box.  They showed up at the hospital the night she was born, they were kind, it was easy, simple and very fast. They checked in with us after leaving the hospital and also notified us when her blood arrived at the Arizona banking center.

CBR has communicated with me on so many levels not only about Avery but about me, my husband and my step-son.  They have taken extra steps to communicating and checking in with me when they certainly didn’t have to. This is another indication of what an exceptional level of customer service they have. We recently received a present from them containing 2 teddy bears, a book, a photo album, and a very nice card; amazing, amazing people.  

I am beyond pleased and feel so blessed to have people like this watching out for my daughters health.  It’s such an amazing investment and one that I would absolutely do again. 

Invest in your little ones health.  Mark and I did.  

CBR Wonderlin

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin