How To Improve Your Profile Picture

How To Improve Your Profile Picture

Let’s face it; we would all love to have a KILLER profile picture for all our social media networks.    So what are some tricks and tips for a great profile photo?

1)      Make sure your photo ACTUALLY looks like you.  Don’t go overboard with editing to where your photo doesn’t resemble you and PLEASE don’t use a photo from 5 plus years ago, unless you truly look the same.

2)      Everybody has a better side.  Ask friends and family which side is your best- Front? Left? Right? It’s great to know which side is your better one so you can play that to your advantage.

3)      Make sure you don’t have distractions in your profile picture.  Move the soda can or bottle of water out of frame.

4)      Make sure your photo shows your personality, nothing too over the top or goofy, but something fun and cute.  Remember to smile 🙂

5)      Don’t overlook the importance of lighting in your photos.  You don’t want anything too dark or too bright.

Xx, Kelly


Written by Kelly Wonderlin