How To: Prepare For A Phone or Video Interview

How To: Prepare For A Phone or Video Interview

Doing interviews face to face is so 1990.  Have you heard that lately?   You just received an email back for an interview, but they didn’t ask for you to come meet them in person did they?  They wanted your Skype username.

Don’t feel bad or get down on yourself this is just how things are done now-a-days.

 1. Smile  Since the person can’t see you, they are mostly likely judging your voice. If you smile while you speak, they will surely hear it.

2. Engage Don’t be stiff, ask questions, comment, use your personality to engage with them.

3. Be Memorable If you do this right when they hang up the phone they will still be thinking of you. I can almost always say if this happens they will hire you on the spot or you will at least get a second interview.

4. Dress The Part When you dress the part you will feel more confident and sound the part.  Bright and solid colors go over best. Pattern is okay as long as it’s nothing over the top!

Xx, Kelly



Written by Kelly Wonderlin