5 Things Every Mom Should Know During The First 4 Months With A New Baby

5 Things Every Mom Should Know During The First 4 Months With A New Baby

The last four months have been both the BEST and HARDEST four months of my life. I either knew what I was doing or I was clueless… With every new baby it’s a learning process.  Your baby will never be exactly like your other children or like your friends children. 

Here are 5 things that helped us get through the first 4 months:

1. Baby clothes come and go:

This is the most unfortunate situation ever because I LOVE to shop and my little peanut looks too cute in tiny outfits.  But……Don’t spend too much money on baby clothes, your little one grows so quickly!  

2. Zippy onesies at night:

This is KEY to surviving the 2 and 5 AM feedings and diaper changes. We use zip ups vs button ups because they are WAY easier to handle when your exhausted.  

3. Keep diapers near by:

Newborns go to the bathroom a lot!  My daughter absolutely HATES to be wet or poopy so she insists on having her diaper changed almost every hour!  If she is fussy and she’s been fed and burped, she wants/needs a clean diaper lol. 

4. White noise:

I introduced this to my daughter around 3 months and she totally loved every minute of it.  You can download so many white noise apps on your cell phone for free or pay a small amount for some. 

5. Bottles aren’t cheap:

NEVER buy an excessive amount of bottles until you know what your baby prefers.  I bought 3 very expensive brand name bottles and my baby didn’t like drinking out of any of them.  She actually preferred the inexpensive ones.

No one has all the answers.  Only YOU know what is best for your baby 🙂  

Xx, Kelly 

Written by Kelly Wonderlin