Make Bath Time Fun With These Awesome Animals

Make Bath Time Fun With These Awesome Animals

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Who knew getting clean could be so fun?!  🙂 

Our 5 and a half year old doesn’t mind jumping in the shower or bath but he always asks for toys, what kid wouldn’t? 
However, when he gets the toys and gets in the bath or shower he always forgets to scrub and get clean (the whole point of a shower or bath) haha.  So when I came across this amazing product, I just KNEW I had to get these for Chase and pass along this info to my friends, family and followers.

Soapsox is so fun and easy to use which is fabulous!  All you do is fill the pocket of the animal with soap, add water and get to scrubbing. SO SO EASY! Having a product like this makes bath time for parents and kids so much easier and so much fun! This product is literally a toy and a scrubber in one!  You don’t need to add toys to your childs bath or shower when you have this 2 in 1 product! 🙂

Every animal sold gives a portion of their proceeds to assist with providing safe places for children; what a great example this company is setting. 

Mark and I just had a baby girl at the beginning of September and we can’t wait to buy more of these fun animals and scrub-a-dub-dub her when she’s a little older 🙂

You can order these cuties at: Order SoapSox Now! Enjoy 20% off with the promo code: BATHTIME

I hope you enjoy these fun bath time products as much as we do!

Xx, Kelly

Wonderlin, Kelly


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Written by Kelly Wonderlin