Make School Mornings Smoother With These 5 Tips

Make School Mornings Smoother With These 5 Tips

Your alarm goes off, you go get your kids up and the craziness begins.  It’s shower for you, getting them changed, breakfast, shoes on and you head out the door for school.  Mornings can definitely be a little stressful sometimes, but these 5 simple tips really help!



1. Lay out clothes the night before:

 So there is no argument in the morning on what to wear.

2.  Pack your child’s’ backpack the night before:

Make sure all permission slips, homework, folders and books are packed and ready to go.

3.  Wake your child up 15 minutes early:

Because trying to get your kid to move as fast as an adult is hard.  They need a few extra minutes, so give it to them.

4.  Prep your child’s lunch box the night before:

All food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated can be packed the night before so you have less to do in the morning.

5. Have your child shower the night before:

Having your child take a shower in the morning is not a great idea.  Do this at night time so you have one less thing to do in the morning.

I hope these few tips help you have a less chaotic morning 🙂

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin