No Sleep? No Problem!

No Sleep? No Problem!

As you all know my husband and I just welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Avery Wonderlin.  She’s 3 weeks old and has been in our home for 1 week (she was in the NICU for the first 13 days of her life).  

We are SO grateful to have her at home, however she is not sleeping.  We were told by several doctors and nurses that some preemies make squeaking/grunting noises when they sleep as their body is not fully developed.  Avery is one of those “some preemies”.  This means little to no sleep for mommy and daddy.

This is one of the times where I am SO thankful to be a girl 🙂  because this is where make-up can truly benefit new moms.

Morning routine: 

Face:  Wash your face really well with a nice exfoliator.  Then put on a light coat of foundation on, followed by a touch of bronzer.  Last but not least, add some blush. 

Eyes: Red eyes, sleepy eyes, tired eyes, they all call on Visine.  Visine fixes everything!  After a few minutes (2 minutes) put a touch of your foundation on the lower lash line of your eyes, then do the top of your eyelids.  Apply eyeshadow, mascara and eye liner as you typically would.

Lips: I LOVE lipstick and lip gloss!  My husband is not a huge fan of it because when I’m smoochin all over him it can either be sticky or need to be whipped off.  However, when you are on little to no sleep adding a pop of color to your lips will help take the attention off your eyes. I use pink 🙂 but if you look good in bright red, go for it!

Even though Mark and I are not sleeping I am truly grateful for my beautiful daughter and would gladly take no sleep to stay up with her all night.

Xx, Kelly


Written by Kelly Wonderlin