My Book : Penelope the Pink Penguin

My Book : Penelope the Pink Penguin

I did it! I published my book that I wrote 4 years ago!

Penelope wakes up every morning filled with happiness and joy. One day she gets teased for being pink and doesn’t feel beautiful or confident with how she looks anymore. When Penelope realizes that it’s okay to look different than others, she feels beautiful again. Kelly Wonderlin is a first time children’s book author who created Penelope the Pink Penguin series. Kelly’s inspiration for Penelope came from valuable lessons she learned growing up. Kelly wanted to instill confidence in her own daughter and carry on a message of loving yourself and finding beauty within yourself.


Kelly is a YouTuber and double business owner as well. Make sure and connect with her on YouTube at and Twitter @KellyWonderlin.


You can buy it on Amazon or CreateSpace.

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Written by Kelly Wonderlin