Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Many people are talking about self branding/personal branding lately.  I thought I would chime in and give my thoughts as well. Branding used to be mainly for businesses, but that’s not the case anymore. Personal branding has taken off and become very popular.  ANYONE can create a personal brand and there are many outlets to help promote your personal brand.  

My personal brand is Kelly Wonderlin (that is my legal name) and I like to brand myself with a name that is my own.

When creating a personal brand there are several things to include.  Here are some of the top things I recommend. 

1) Your brand is YOU: I can’t stress this enough! BE REAL, BE YOU —  Everyone else is taken. I hate when people are one way online and in person, they are a whole different person.  You think back and look back at their online profiles totally stunned because the person they are online, doesn’t match their personality. 

2) Reach out: Follow and reach out to people online.  Even if they are not in your niche, engage, engage, engage.  You can never have enough friends or followers. 

3) Content: You can write about anything and share it.  Literally anything!  I recently read a blog post about a cat…. Any type of content is good content. 

4) Consistency:  This is huge. I will first hand admit that I need to get better at this.  You can’t post something and then fall off the radar for months on end.  Be consistent with your posts.   

5) Genuine: Be genuine.  Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is fake.  Nobody likes a fake person.  When you put on an act of trying to be someone your not, eventually your lie is going to catch up to you and people will see your true colors. Just be yourself.

6) Value: Produce something of value.  Chances are if it’s valuable to you, it’s valuable to someone else.

It's A Wonderful Wonderlin Life

I hope you learned some new tips to help you with your personal brand.

Xx, Kelly 

Written by Kelly Wonderlin