Tips For Finding A Daycare Provider For Your Child

Tips For Finding A Daycare Provider For Your Child

Having your child in great hands (outside of yours) is something every mother wants!  I still remember the first time I left my baby alone with someone outside of me; I was a nervous wreck!  But I KNEW our baby sitter was fabulous and would take great care of my baby. I know I want to feel safe and very comfortable with whoever is watching my baby girl and I have found that these tips help ease my mind.

1. Start Early

Start looking for a daycare or baby sitter as far in advance as you can. Finding the right person for your child is so important.  Some daycare’s have wait lists so it’s important to get on them even if you are unsure that  your child will go there.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions is vital! I probably over ask with questions but it really helps ease my mind.  Some questions that I would ask are:  What is the adult to child ratio?  Do you have a nurse?  Are the teachers CPR certified? How safe is your home or daycare center?  What is an average day like?  Etc.  You will think of so many questions to ask when the time approaches.

3. Stay Involved

Once you have decided where you want to send your child, the work is not over.  You are your child’s voice.  Stay involved!  Have meetings with the caregiver, continue to ask questions, be there for parties, join in on events, volunteer, visit your child, etc.

4. Ask Friends

Ask your friends where their child goes.  If you do not have a lot of Mommy friends make sure to download MomCo App!  You can meet some really great moms on this fabulous app! MomCo helps connect moms with other moms in their community based on proximity and commonalities for all the friendship and support they need. Moms can interact by messaging each other and through the forum section. In the forum section, moms can share pictures, funny moments, ask questions, and get the support they need. Through the MomCo App, moms are able to arrange playdates, keep current with events in their community, be alerted of product recalls, and save money through exclusive deals.

These are just a few tips I would do and will do when I put my daughter in daycare or have a full time babysitter!

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin