Tips For Twitter Chats

Tips For Twitter Chats

So you are thinking of starting or joining a Twitter chat.  THAT is fantastic!  Twitter chats are one of the fastest ways to grow your community. I have been involved in Twitter chats for years and have guest hosted three to date so far.

Here are some of my best tips I can give you!

Find A Chat You Love

Twitter chats move fast!  So make sure you are passionate about the chat you are involved in. You want may have to test out a few to find some that you love.


Chances are you are not going to know many people on the chat and if you do, that’s great! However, my number 1 rule is to engage with others. Make new friends, ask questions, give your opinion, grow your community!

The # Is Key

Do not forget the # while you are in the chat.  Make sure you type what you want to say and then put the # and whatever the name of the chat is.

Example: If My chat was #KellyWonderlin I would say;

Twitter Chats Rock #KellyWonderlin

If You Are Starting A Twitter Chat

Make sure and use a unique # so people know that # goes to your chat.  It needs to be easy to remember and not too long.

If You Are Starting A Twitter Chat

Plan your questions in advance.  Like I said, Twitter chats move very quickly and the last thing you want to do is scramble trying to think of a question.


Make sure you encourage other people in that chat.  Be friendly, be kind and remember you are all in this together.  Listen to their story and chime in.  You never know what your opinion could mean to them

Hope this helps!  Make sure and connect with me on Twitter @KellyWonderlin and come and find me on a chat sometime and say hi!

Xx, Kelly

Written by Kelly Wonderlin