Tips To Boost Your Facebook Reach

Tips To Boost Your Facebook Reach

It’s 2016 so if you don’t have a Facebook page, you should go make one…. Right now… Yes, now 🙂

Trying to find the sweet time on when to post on social can be overwhelming.  Here are 4 things that I have seen work which gain me and my company exposure!

  • Post Off The Hour:  Most people are posting on the hour or half hour, so posting at 4:10 will give you a little more time in your viewers feed because it won’t be flooded with other content.
  • Use Media: It’s all about the visuals.  Photos and videos go a long way in today’s age.
  • Mentions:  Mention companies, people, get on the train of collaboration. By collaborating people will share your raw content with their viewers and you will see your audience grow.
  • Phrase It Right:  When sharing content think about what you would click on.  Phrase your post to be engaging so others will want to click it.

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Written by Kelly Wonderlin