Too Faced, Bronzer Wardrobe

Too Faced, Bronzer Wardrobe

*This post is sponsored by Too Faced.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.*

(Knock, knock)


Ahhhh the wonderful mail man has arrived with a package from my favorite cosmetic company!

When this happens, you KNOW it is going to be a great day!

The packaging on this is amazing once again, Too Faced is constantly outdoing themselves, in short…. This company knows what they are doing!


Look at all these fun bronzers!!!  I can’t wait to put on my make up and try them all out!

Did you see my last post about their new lip line?  Those glosses plus these bronzers will equal one hot lady 😉

Thank you so much Too Faced for your outstanding products!


All my love!

Xx, Kelly


Written by Kelly Wonderlin