Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is no easy task.  You have to be prepared for anything and everything to happen.  From having a newborn baby to having an almost 6 year old, when we go on trips — we pack all the necessities. You can’t control whether or not your kids will behave while away from home, but you can make things a little easier. Here are a few tips for traveling with your little ones.

1) Diapers and wipes:  
Can I get an AMEN! When you are traveling with a newborn baby you have to be prepared for what my husband and I like to call “poop traumas” When Chase was 3, Mark was traveling alone with him and he had a MAJOR poop trauma at the airport and my husband was stranded with no diapers and no wipes…. You can use your imagination (haha) it was a total mess and then some.

2) Snacks and bottles for the baby: 
A hungry child is a crabby child!  When it is my daughters feeding time, it is HER feeding time.  She lets God and everyone know that she is hungry.  When we travel with Chase we always pack little snacks for him. 

3) Tech time:
We are not fans of having our children play the iPad or be on our phones 24/7. In fact we rarely let Chase do this.  He gets a lot of exposure with electronics at his other home so Mark and I feel uncomfortable letting him have tech time with us. However, when we travel that is the 1 exception. Chase is exceptionally good at iPad and iPhone games so when we travel it keeps him entertained. 

4) Nap time:
Kids HAVE to get their sleep.  No sleep = cranky children.  Car rides are seriously the BEST for getting your children to fall asleep.  You can’t always get them to sleep on a plane because it’s more uncomfortable, but trying to get a nap in for them is key. 

5) Clothes:
Accidents happen — especially with a newborn baby.  We pack at least 3 outfits for her for 1 day because she spits up a lot, throws up and poops a ton.  Even when it comes to toddles and kids, accidents still happen so we always bring an extra pair of clothes for Chase. 

Traveling with children is challenging but incorporating a few things like this will make a world of difference. 

Xx, Kelly 

Written by Kelly Wonderlin